• Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery – Volume 2

    By Priyadarshini Raman-
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    The e-book “Frontiers in Cardiovascular Drug Discovery – Volume 2” is a collection of four excellent reviews contributed by senior researchers in cardiovascular research. It has been written to cater to researchers in academic and R&D institutions working in the area of cardiovascular research. The e-book has been divided into 4 chapters. Chapter 1 discusses the cardio protective effects of medicinal herbs, dietary nutritional supplements such as fish oils, Vitamin E, garlic and other natural products such as tea in traditional Chinese medicines. Chapter 2 discusses the results of studies of various natural products on atherosclerosis and the significance of natural products as a primary long-term preventive therapy for atherosclerosis. These natural products were found to be as effective as conventional treatment used in the regression of carotid atherosclerosis and may be used in long term treatment of vascular disorders owing to their limited side effects. Chapter 3 discusses the key findings achieved with new oral anticoagulants for the prevention of stroke in arterial fibrillation. These oral anticoagulants were found to be superior to the existing oral vitamin K antagonists with its rapid action, dose-related anticoagulant effect, lower drug-drug interactions and not requiring regular laboratory monitoring. Chapter 4 discusses the pathophysiological and technical aspects of an emerging treatment – radiofrequency based sympathetic nerve modulation. The results of animal studies and clinical trials on this emerging treatment are discussed. The tables are well labeled and the figures are of good quality. The references at the end of each chapter will be of great use to the researchers using this e-book. The book integrates traditional medicine with the latest concepts in cardiovascular drug discovery and treatment. I am sure it will be of immense utility to researchers in the field of cardiovascular research. I compliment the authors, editors and the publishers for bringing out this valuable academic contribution.